Go/Nitro coming to NBC Sports

Skycron is pleased to announce it has signed with NBC Sports for Go/Nitro. Starting June 2023, Go/Nitro will launch initially on NBC Sports in California and Philadelphia markets, covering the coveted Los Angeles and Philadelphia DMAs. (Los Angeles, DMA rank, #2; Philadelphia, DMA rank, #4). This allows a substantial boost for Skycron’s viewership and its advertisers, with a reach of well over 50 million viewers.

“We’re pleased to partner with NBC Sports, one of the most respected names in sports broadcasting,” said Cory Carlick, SKYCRON’s Chief Creative Officer and executive producer of GO/NITRO.

“We’re proud to bring the excellence of both our Saskatchewan and world athletes to the screens of one of the largest and most prestigious American television networks in history. Like NBC, we share a passion for excellence and innovation, and expanding our production capabilities and reach to the benefit of sports broadcasting as a whole.”

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