14 Feb 2022

New episode with Ka Muso Kai: Iaido (Japanese Swordsmanship)

Don’t miss this episode of GO/NITRO! We visited the Ka Muso Kai Saskatoon dojo today to learn Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) in the Muso Shinden-ryu style. We were very lucky to train and learn from Sensai Colin Pitman and his disciples.

14 Feb 2022

Synchronized swimming with Regina Synchro!

Just wrapped up Episode 1 of Season 3 of GO/NITRO with Regina Synchro! There’s a reason why synchronized swimmers are stronger than iron, and Regina Synchro shows us why! Watch soon on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and CW affiliates across the US and SaskTel maxTV here in Saskatchewan. Thanks to the Regina Synchro team for showing us the mechanics and technique for synchronized swimming. Probably one of the hardest sports we’ve ever done but a heck of a workout. You won’t want to […]

02 Jan 2022

2022 Airdates NBC Nashville

Happy New Year! Don’t miss @go_nitro on NBC Nashville. We have some airdates to ring in 2022! Sat 1/1/22 1p-130p – ArcherySat 1/1/22 130p-2p – Downhill SkiingSat 1/1/22 2p-230p – GN020 Pool Visit www.gonitro.tv for local TV listings.

28 Aug 2021

Rod Pedersen guest co-hosts on GO/NITRO for dragonboat!

The Rod Pedersen Show guest co-hosts on GO/NITRO, channeling his inner Super Dave Osborne trying dragonboat with the Prairie Dragons Paddling Club. But who’s the “putz”? You be the judge! Airing soon on Game+ Network, SaskTel, FOX5 Las Vegas, Nevada Sports Net, KRXI FOX 11 News, Reno, WBBJ 7 and in syndication nationally on FOX, ABC, CBS and CW television stations across the US!

11 Aug 2021

Krav Maga Regina on GO/NITRO

It’s not good to start a fight, but it is good to know how to end them quickly, efficiently, and authoritatively. Enter Krav Maga. Expert instructors Richard Kim and Armando S of Krav Maga Regina give Cory Carlick an introduction to the defensive form. Like most martial arts, the goal is not getting into a fight in the first place – but in life, though, sometimes it’s unavoidable. If someone physically tries to attack you on the street, you need […]

11 Aug 2021

Cricket with the Saskatoon Warriors

Don’t miss it on FOX, Game+ Network and SaskTel soon. England and India’s great game – cricket. Tough, satisfying, and fun. The Saskatoon Warriors gave host Emily Fulford a masterclass in cricket and she did pretty well for a first go! Big thanks to Harry Sandhu, Joy Sareen, Derreck Kolla, and all the Warriors for giving us two amazing episodes! Also a huge thanks to the Warriors’ sponsor Afghan Kabob & Donair for an amazing dinner after filming. Visit gonitro.tv […]

12 Jul 2021

July-Aug Airdates: FOX 12 Oregon/FOX 5 Vegas

Don’t miss GO/NITRO! Upcoming airdates:FOX 12 Oregon – (FOX 12 – Portland, OR):Sat. 7/17/21 @2pmSun. 7/18/21 @4:30pmSat. 8/28/21 @ 6pmSat. 8/28/21 @ 10:30pm FOX5 KVVU-TV – (FOX 5-Las Vegas, NV):Sat. 7/17/21 @ 2pmSun. 7/18/21 @ 4:30pmSat. 7/18/21 @ 5pm

13 Apr 2021

WFTV (ABC Orlando) airing GO/NITRO

Thrilled to announce WFTV (ABC Orlando, Florida) as one of the latest ABC stations to begin airing GO/NITRO — this time in Disney territory!

13 Apr 2021


Fitting that we wind up in NASCAR territory! Thrilled to announce WSOC-TV (ABC Charlotte, North Carolina) as one of the latest ABC stations to begin airing GO/NITRO!

13 Apr 2021

FOX Boston 25 airing GO/NITRO!

Big news! Pleased to announce Boston 25 (FOX 25) as one of the latest FOX stations to begin airing GO/NITRO!