Airing on NTV and NTV+ this fall!

We’re pleased to announce that GO/NITRO will begin airing this Fall on NTV and NTV+, Newfoundland’s largest broadcaster. And what’s more? NTV is a superstation – meaning you can now watch it nationally anywhere in Canada, if you’ve got cable or a dish! Plus, you can watch it live, for free, on NTV+, anywhere in the world. How cool is that? Airdates will be posted very, very soon! In the meantime, why not get your fix by subscribing to our YouTube channel?

Here’s where to tune in on the dial:

St. John’s Over-the-Air      21.1
Bell Satellite HD               1008
Bell Satellite SD                 199
Bell Fiber OP HD               404
Bell Fiber OP SD                 12
Rogers DSL HD                 521

Rogers DSL SD                     5
Rogers Ignite HD               151
Rogers Ignite SD                   5
Shaw HD                            112
Eastlink HD                        605

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