Advertising Info

Reach millions of customers

Why advertise on GO/NITRO?

We reach millions of viewers across the United States through syndication.

We can place your ad in the same place on every television station that runs our show, ensuring maximum control of your message.

We air on FOX, ABC, and CBS stations during major sports programming.

GO/NITRO is often programmed before major national sports events, such as NCAA, NBA, and NFL games. Viewers are usually already tuning in when our show is on, but because we technically are airing right before these big games, our ad rates are much less. (Actually, literally about 275 times less.)

Reach international customers.

You can reach the entire United States and parts of Canada, often for less than you would pay for a local TV ad, as your ad runs in the episode for the entire season it runs.

We can make a TV ad for you if you don't have one.

When you book an ad on our show, we can create a basic 15 or 30 second ad for you free of charge, if you don't have one made already. (Our Creative Services department can also create more elaborate ads, at a cost, if you so desire.)

Advertising Sales

The cost for one 30 second commercial on GO/NITRO is $2 200 USD/ep. Ad production included. This is a one-time fee, for a full year run.

Your ad will appear in the commercial break of every broadcast, on every U.S. station the episode appears on. Discounts available for multiple spots (3, 6, 12). Reach a large audience across the United States affordably - with impact.

Ad Sales (US/Canada/Europe)

To purchase advertising, please contact
Cory Carlick, SKYCRON
Email: cory@skycron.com