Monthly Archives: August 2021

28 Aug 2021

Rod Pedersen guest co-hosts on GO/NITRO for dragonboat!

The Rod Pedersen Show guest co-hosts on GO/NITRO, channeling his inner Super Dave Osborne trying dragonboat with the Prairie Dragons Paddling Club. But who’s the “putz”? You be the judge! Airing soon on Game+ Network, SaskTel, FOX5 Las Vegas, Nevada Sports Net, KRXI FOX 11 News, Reno, WBBJ 7 and in syndication nationally on FOX, ABC, CBS and CW television stations across the US!

11 Aug 2021

Krav Maga Regina on GO/NITRO

It’s not good to start a fight, but it is good to know how to end them quickly, efficiently, and authoritatively. Enter Krav Maga. Expert instructors Richard Kim and Armando S of Krav Maga Regina give Cory Carlick an introduction to the defensive form. Like most martial arts, the goal is not getting into a fight in the first place – but in life, though, sometimes it’s unavoidable. If someone physically tries to attack you on the street, you need […]

11 Aug 2021

Cricket with the Saskatoon Warriors

Don’t miss it on FOX, Game+ Network and SaskTel soon. England and India’s great game – cricket. Tough, satisfying, and fun. The Saskatoon Warriors gave host Emily Fulford a masterclass in cricket and she did pretty well for a first go! Big thanks to Harry Sandhu, Joy Sareen, Derreck Kolla, and all the Warriors for giving us two amazing episodes! Also a huge thanks to the Warriors’ sponsor Afghan Kabob & Donair for an amazing dinner after filming. Visit gonitro.tv […]