Monthly Archives: March 2021

29 Mar 2021

GO/NITRO Canadian TV network premiere on Game+ Network tonight

GO/NITRO has its Canadian national TV network premiere tonight on Game+ Network at 6:30 ET / 3:30 PT / 4:30 SK time alongside our US syndication broadcasts on ABC, FOX, CBS and CW! We appeared on The Rod Pedersen Show today…and Rod will be co-hosting a BIG GO/NITRO episode (where we will probably all die.)

21 Mar 2021

Throwback Thursdays!

Cory here – I’m the producer and occassional co-host of Go/Nitro with Emily. One of the great things about our TV show is that we get to share sports with millions of viewers! The one thing that sucks about TV is that you can’t talk to us. But with YouTube, you can! And we really want to be able to talk to you! That’s why we’re starting the GO/NITRO Throwback Thursdays. Em and I will be doing this live on […]