Established in 2001 to produce commercials for CTV Ottawa (then CJOH-TV). Starting — quite literally! — its first studio was actually in a chicken coop just outside of Almonte, Ontario. Yes, seriously. We converted an abandoned chicken coop into a soundstage.

How times have changed! Now headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, SKYCRON has grown from its boot-strapping roots into a full-service, state of the art production house. From our humble beginnings making local style TV ads to the slick, polished national spots we provide major ad agencies in Montreal, Toronto, London, and New York, Skycron is a well established player in the production landscape


Filming with KAIN: La Tete En L’Air for MusiquePlus

Fully bilingual in English and French, Skycron is uniquely situated to service the needs of Quebec and English-speaking companies. We have made a name for ourselves with friendly, straightforward, reliable service. Some of the companies who have turned to SKYCRON for their productions needs include Air Inuit, COSTCO, Baskin Robbins, Monsieur Muffler, MusiquePlus, CTV, Radio-Canada, the Department of National Defence, to name but a few.


Soundcheck for the Dany Bedar broadcast. The huge broadcast event was streamed online as well, and pulled together in less than 48 hours, showing the facility of our crews.

On the music video front, we were responsible for the official music video 2012 Gala L’Adisq nominated song “La Tete En L’Air”, running regularly on MusiquePlus in Quebec, and produced a multicamera spectacular for iconic Quebec vocalist Dany Bedar, seen on TVA, MusiquePlus, and Radio-Canada., in an unprecedented live broadcast. Of course, that is just a small sample of some of the projects we have been asked to do over the past 10 years. Did you know that we’ve even done airplanes? It’s true.

Skycron is routinely called on for special projects that involve our unique problem solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking: when Air Inuit planned to redesign their livery, SKYCRON was tasked to help in adapting the new look to the aircraft. In addition to providing highly detailed 3D VFX work to show what the planes would look like, we also developed a special system to apply the new decal design to a fleet of 737s, Bombardier DCH-8 (Dash-8) Q-300 turbo props. We also supervised the application process. We thought they looked pretty nifty. Air Inuit did, too.

You can see some of our work here, and on our official YouTube channel.