How much does a professional video cost? 
This is a very common (and normal!) question companies ask if they are thinking of getting a corporate video done.

It can vary depending on how elaborate the production is, but a safe average is about $1000-$1500 per completed production minute. Probably 75 percent of the corporate videos we do fall within this range.

So, as an average ballpark, for a nicer corporate video that runs about 7 minutes, you should be budgeting $7000 to $10 500.


Why should I get Skycron to do it? 
Experience and polish. We get it done right…the first time. Cutting corners costs more money in the long run – if you hire a “guy with camera”, you tend to get exactly that. If you are trying to use your corporate video to attract clients, you need to put your very best foot forward. A polished, sophisticated, clear professional TV style presentation pays for itself in dividends. It’s about presentation and how you look to clients. When people cut corners you actually tend to spend more money fixing a bad production than if you spent the money to get it done properly the first time. We should know – we have been called many times by companies who took the inexpensive route – only to realize it cost them more.

You wouldn’t show up to a business meeting with a Fortune 500 company with ripped jeans and a t-shirt if they were a potential client. Presenting an unprofessional video is doing the exact same thing – especially if you are attracting clients.

70 percent of business is VISUAL – so, creating compelling content is our job.


Do you require a deposit? 
We require a 50% deposit prior to commencement of work. We also accept POs (purchase orders) from Government clients and approved clients on a case by case basis.